What the fairies know (that we’ve forgotten)

Fairies come in all shapes and sizes (and temperaments) and we all know that there are many other types of creatures from the lands of faery besides just the tiny sprites we usually think of. Every culture has its own bestiary of sprites, wraiths, nymphs, dragons, etc. Why does the notion of that world within (or without) our own continue to fascinate and inspire us all regardless of age and even cultural background?

That world is something of a time capsule for a few simple, universal truths that we, as complex creatures bent on progress at all costs, tend to forget every half-century or so. Eventually it all comes crashing down around us and as we clean up the wreckage we begin to remember, oh right – there is more to life than what we’ve been belligerently focused on. So for those of us who choose to remember now, before we find ourselves sweeping up the pieces and mourning the loss of time, here are some things the fairies would tell you if you took the time to listen:

  • BE YOURSELF ~ You can’t fly with someone else’s wings and if it isn’t good enough for some people (and it won’t be) then those people are not part of your tale. Move on without them.
  • BE AWESOME AT ONE THING ~ You can, of course, be awesome at a few things if you get the time and the motivation, but pick something you love to do and spend time perfecting it. It doesn’t have to be profitable. It doesn’t have to impress anyone (although you know it will – it’s awesome). The only thing that matters is that while you’re doing that one thing you are making yourself happy and reminding yourself that you have amazing skills. Why does the tooth fairy collect teeth? It’s a weird hobby, but she does it like a bawss.
  • TAKE TIME TO FLOAT AROUND DOING NOTHING ~ Now you and I know that you have homework or a job to get to. But don’t be guilty of letting the things you do to enhance your life overshadow living. Even the fae, most of whom are immortal, don’t waste time worrying about wasted time. If you’re squeezing life to try and get the juice out it’s probably because it’s a lemon.
  • LEARN TO LOVE WHAT YOU’VE GOT ~ As mostly furless mortals we require shelter. Some of us would dance off naked into the trees and never come back if we could get away with it, but eventually we’d die of exposure or worse. However, (and this ties in very well with the preceding point) if you become obsessed with getting more and more things, and then upgrading those things, and then replacing those things with better things, chances are you’re making yourself miserable and creating a lot of waste, too. No fairy takes up the whole forest when a single leaf provides ample shelter from the rain.
  • TREASURE DOESN’T ALWAYS SPARKLE ~ When fairies get together and dance in the moonlight the only profit is the joy and memories they take away with them. Sure, they occasionally take your keys or one of your favorite earrings, and maybe one day you’ll find the little stash behind a wall or in your attic. But every fairy knows that nothing is more precious than those who take you for what you are and love you for it, too.
  • DON’T LISTEN TO NEGATIVE PEOPLE ~ There are lots of people out there all the time disbelieving in the fae, but they keep right on doing what they do best: existing in spite of all the bad press. It’s unpleasant when people feel they need to be rude or negative, and it certainly can hurt, but it usually says more about them than it does about you. So if someone says you can’t fly spread your wings in their face and take off.
  • FLOAT ON YOUR OWN BREEZE ~ Fairies go where the wind takes them. It’s easy for them. In their forest there is a beautiful, musical silence so deep that they can hear that quiet whispering wind that tells each of us which path to take. It isn’t so easy for us sometimes, but if you hear that voice, if you feel your heart pulling you down a certain path, don’t ignore it. If your own way doesn’t harm anyone else then there is no shame in taking it. A lot of the coolest people in history acted without anyone’s approval – until it was successful, that is.



  1. Elizabeth Saenz
    April 25, 2012 16:51

    This is wonderful! I totally agree!

  2. Steph Moyer
    June 9, 2012 14:36

    Your art is beautiful! I love everything about your work! <3

  3. Andrea
    August 19, 2012 21:45

    I think the fairies could teach us all some life lessons.

  4. Rebel
    April 18, 2013 21:46

    I remember that time ,I believe it was raining though.

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